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Q. Do you paint items other than jeans?

A. Yes! I can paint denim jackets, shorts, hats and more! They're all available via the custom tab on my website!


Q. Does the paint last?

A. I use DecoArt fabric paint, which I then heat set to preserve the design. I recommend hand washing the designs, but if you machine wash they will stay, they just will fade over time!


Q. How long do they take to ship?

A. Processing time is 1-2 weeks for custom orders as each pair are hand painted to order. If you've bought a pair that are only one size/are not made to order, they're already in stock and will be sent out to you the next day!

IMG_0110 2.JPG

Q. If there's a brand I know fit me, can I get those?

A. Yep, just let me know in a message/email/at checkout in the custom box and I'll do my best to get them in for you!


Q. If I see a pair of jeans out of stock/not in my size with a design I like, will I be able to get that design?

A. Yes! If there's a design you like, just send me a message either through the contact form, email, or instagram @bolddino and I'll recreate it for you!


Q. I'm in between sizes/don't know what size to get, what should I do?

A. Take measurements if you can and send them over to me so I can try and match you with the best fit/brand of jeans!

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