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The Size

Choose whichever size you'd like

The Colour

Light wash, medium wash, dark wash, white, black etc.

The Design

Choose whatever design you'd like, whether you have a specific design in mind or want to chat about your ideas

I'll do the rest!

Once I've confirmed your order, I'll get to work on painting. I'll send you an update pic when it's all done to make sure you're happy with it before shipping!

The paint used is fabric paint, which is soft and doesn't crack!

Design sizes:

Small (less than 6 x 6") includes writing up to 12"

Medium (less than 10 x 10")

Large (e.g. entire back panel)

If you'd like to send your own jacket the prices are:

£18 for small

£25 for medium

£28 for large

Prices including jacket:

£40 for small

£45 for medium

£50 for large

Second hand, sustainable upcycle​

10% of all purchases is donated to Versus Arthritis

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