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Anna Bold Dino

About Bold Dino

Hi, I'm Anna, I'm 24 and I run Bold Dino!

I hand paint, embroider and print everything myself from my studio in South Wales

Everything is upcycled to create unique and sustainable pieces

My aim is to give people a fun and environmentally-friendly way to express their style while also giving back to charity

Giving Back

10% of every purchase is donated to charity

Bold Dino primarily donates to Versus Arthritis UK, with certain collections/items donating to other charities (e.g. all headwear is donated to The Stroke Association)

Arthritis is something very close to my heart, as my Mum has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis since her early 30s. This is something I have seen my Mum battle my entire life. She used to enjoy climbing, skiing and so many other activities that were quickly taken away from her, along with her ability to work.

Throughout all of her struggles, she has portrayed such a positive attitude and has raised 4 children who never take for granted the blessing of movement without pain.

I am so proud of my Mum and how she deals with her battle with arthritis, so I want to give back to that in any way I can.

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